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We are in the community, spreading awareness. we always have nurses accompany us to do blood pressure checks and glucose checks. All referrals are to physicians for kidney score testing. We spread awareness where we can!!!
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World Kidney Day was created to acknowledge this disease and share information in the community concerning it.  We had acknowledge this day by dancing for awareness.  Teaching participants to keep their bodies movingto stay healthyand playing trivia games about the kidneys.


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Research suggests that CKD can be slowed down significantly with existing therapies that include ACE inhibitors and antgiotensin receptor blockers.  Simply put, early testing is crucial so that the therapies can begin which a person is still in disease and not in failure.  The crucial point is that without test a person has no way of knowing if they are in disease because the first three stages of this disease are silent.

We are striving to educate the community on the importance of preventative testing which will in turn save the government and you millions of dollars. This is where you come in, we need funding to be able to reach the community in a massive way. We are developing programs that are initially targeting the minority community. We believe that educating the community on CKD specifically includes encouraging better eating habits and keeping the body moving.